European Fingerstyle Collective Festival, Exeter UK.

Real World Studios – Live Studio Performance For Audio Technica – 22/09/2017:

Solo Acoustic Guitar:

MIDI Halo Design & Build 2019/2020:

With Chris Woods Groove:

Solo Halo Hand Pan:

Chris Woods Groove Orchestra – Live Performance at The North American Guitar, London 23/02/2018:

(with Chris Woods, Ruben Monteiro and Ben Taylor).

The Basque Roads (David Youngs – Drums/Bass/Percussion) with Sam Inglis:

Taken from the album ‘I Have Committed Murder’ by The Basque Roads.

Dan Ecclestone (David Youngs – Drums):

Words & Music by Dan Ecclestone. From the solo album Hidden Music released by German Shepherd Records, Jan 2021

Ember Rev (David Youngs – Drums/Electronics/Other Instruments):