A list of all guitar tunings used by David, in alphabetical order:

71210388 DADGAD Capo 2nd fret
Among the Greenery Standard Capo 2nd fret
An Unsatisfactory Conclusion CFCGCD Capo 5th fret
And So It Goes DADGAD
Boulder Burnt CGDGGD
Chevrons Apart DADF#AE
Dust, You and Me DADGAD
Follow My Footsteps CGDGBC
In Sabina (Portland Strubel) DADGBE
Katy, Again DADGAD Capo 8th fret across strings 1-5 only. (Exit section: drop 6th string down & up in semitone steps, then down to low D one further octave down for end note).
Long Overdue CFCGCD Capo 5th fret
Mono No Aware CGDGGD
Mutster Standard Capo 2nd fret
Pieces Of Me CGDGGD
Plate Glass Shiver CGDGBC
Radio Friendly DADGAD
Samahita CGDGGD
Sea Shapes Standard
Sun Spirit Standard
Technomantra DADGAD Capo 5th fret across strings 1-5 only
To Catch A Star DADF#AE
Troisième AADGBD
Where Memories Go CGDGCD
Wrong Wong Wrong Standard