David Youngs is a multi-instrumentalist based in Cambridge, UK. In recent years he has focused intensely on the acoustic guitar, developing a percussive, finger-style approach to produce instrumental works often featuring unusual yet accessible time signatures and scales.

With a vast range of musical interests and techniques drawn from over three decades of self-taught musicianship, it’s hard to pigeonhole David’s music with great precision. As R2 Magazine commented “Trying to define Youngs’ sound is a fruitless activity, I’m reminded of Michael Hedges’ tongue-in-cheek shots at self-categorisation, most particularly ‘new edge’: his compositions are plumped full of depth and atmosphere, but you sure as hell aren’t going to use them to soundtrack meditation.”

2011’s debut solo CD ‘Transience’ was extremely well received by the music press (see ‘Press‘ page), live crowds and by respected fellow musicians such as Chris Woods Groove. David has been busy composing and entertaining since, playing shows and giving workshops at all sorts of venues ranging from small pubs/clubs to music festivals and guitar shows. With concert appearances on the same bill as artists such as Clive Carroll, Chris Woods Groove, Thomas Leeb, Rodney Branigan, Tim Edey and Miranda Sykes/Rex Preston, and with appearances at events like Cambridge Folk Festival, London Acoustic Show and The Acoustic Festival of Great Britain, David continues to captivate audiences everywhere with his unique style of guitar which “isn’t folk, jazz,classical or new age -it is just plain mesmerising.” (Taplas Magazine)”

David released his third studio recording in August 2016 – ‘In Between Silence’ – please join the Mailing List or get in touch via the Contact page to stay up to date with all the latest news!

In addition to his guitar work, David also plays the Halo tuned steel pan – a very special instrument indeed – and has also recorded a 4-track EP featuring some of his recent work. This is also available in the Shop. David’s Halo playing also features on the mesmerising collaboration track ‘Amygdala Part 1‘, written by and performed with Chris Woods Groove.